[Photos] General Patton Military Museum

The General Patton Military Museum is located in Chiraco Summit, California, which is near an actual desert training center used during WWII.

Here are some photos I took from a road trip a few years ago.

The museum is about 2-1/2 hours east of Los Angeles (approx 150 miles)

There's much to see here. Plan for at least 1-2 hours inside. 

There is a restaurant and gift shop within walking distance.


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Patti on November 11, 2012 said...

I love military history, Tom. This museum looks like a very worthwhile way to spend a few hours. Of course, given its location, I will most likely never have a chance to visit there...but you never know.

Thanks for sharing about it.

Laura on November 11, 2012 said...

We enjoyed stopping here many years ago on a drive home from Phoenix to Southern California. I enjoyed visiting it again via your photos!

Best wishes,

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